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Wording Ideas for Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy Verse 1
The special time has arrived
for us to share our big surprise.
We’re expecting a baby!
We’ll have to wait and see
if it’s a girl or boy.
Either one will bring us joy!
Expected Due Date:
With Excitement and Love,

Pregnancy Verse 2
We are letting you know we plan on
expanding our house two more feet
We’re Pregnant!!

Pregnancy Verse 3
We are all excited and
happy as can be…
Guess What?
will soon be three!
Expected due date

Pregnancy Verse 4
We’re expecting the stork
to drop by next June…
Who knows what it will be,
but we should know soon!

Pregnancy Verse 5
We wished upon a star
and it came true…
Now we’re expecting baby number two!
Expected arrival date

Pregnancy Verse 6
Here’s an announcement
that is sure to be fun…
are expecting a son!

Pregnancy Verse 7
Twinkle, twinkle little star
how I wonder what you are…
We hoped and prayed
it would happen some day
and Oh we’re pregnant by the way!

Pregnancy Verse 8
Pink or Blue?
We simple can’t say.
We’re so excited
for our delivery day!

Pregnancy Verse 9
We are proud to announce
there will be a
future addition
on the LAST NAME team

Pregnancy Verse 10
Double the diapers, double the pins…
Double the sleepers, we’ve having twins!
We are proud to announce
we are expecting twins.

Pregnancy Verse 11
Four tiny hands, four tiny feet…
Two adorable Baby GIRLS/BOYS
we can’t wait to meet!

Pregnancy Verse 12
We won’t believe
what we found out today?
Two baby BOYS/GIRLS are on their way!

Pregnancy Verse 13
First comes love
then comes marriage
then comes the baby in the baby carriage.

Pregnancy Verse 14
Trains and trucks
cars and toys
Guess what??
We’re having a boy!
We are proud
to announce
We’re Pregnant!

Pregnancy Verse 15
A child is
the richness of tradition
the excitement of youth and
the promise of tomorrow!
We’re expecting
our tomorrow this fall!

Pregnancy Verse 16
have news to share
that is both cute and sweet
we shall be hearing
the pitter patter
of little feet!

Pregnancy Verse 17
We have some news
we can’t wait to share…
We’re expecting a baby,
be it a girl or a boy!

Pregnancy Verse 18
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle all the way,
Oh what fun it is to share,
a baby’s on the way!
Celebrating our growing family
Happy Holidays!