Christmas means spending time with family and friends and what better way to do this than to invite them all to a Christmas party! Begin your party planning with the invitations. No matter the type of celebration you have in mind, we have Christmas invitations to match your party theme.

The Christmas dinner party is the quintessential way to entertain and spend time with the people you care about during the holiday season. Your party can be a quiet dinner at home, an extravagant celebration to remember, or something in between. Make your guest list and send out your Christmas dinner invitations at least three weeks in advance so that people will have time to RSVP. You can cook the meals yourself or have someone cater your dinner party. If you want your party to be more informal, set up a buffet instead of doing a sit down dinner. [read more]

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More Christmas party ideas:

For a classy, festive gathering, throw a holiday cocktail party. As the name implies, the main attraction for this party, besides good company and conversation, is the alcoholic drinks. As such, it’s best to restrict your guest list to just the grown-ups. Kickoff the party with some sparkling Christmas party invitations and pair your festive cocktails with a few scrumptious holiday appetizers and you’ll have an instant hit. You can pre-mix the cocktails freeing yourself to focus on just being a host during the party. If you enjoy being a bartender, you can mix the drinks to order. Another idea is to have a mix-it-yourself bar where guests can try out their own concoctions. To satisfy everyone’s taste, you can also offer beer, wine, soft drinks, and spring water.

Trimming the Christmas tree is a popular holiday tradition for kids and adults alike. Why not share this magical tradition with close friends and relatives by hosting a tree trimming party. The nice thing about a tree trimming party is that you can schedule it at the start of the holiday season when things are not as hectic. With everyone still in a relaxed mood, the party can be as informal as you’d like. Have the guests sing along to popular Christmas tunes and sip eggnog or hot cocoa as they’re decorating the tree. You can have each person bring a homemade ornament or you can provide a blank ornament with each invitation you send with the request that the guests decorate it for the upcoming party (By the way, any sort of Christmas tree invitations would be perfect for a tree trimming theme). When the last ornament is hung, give someone the honor of placing the tree topper and another person the honor of plugging in the lights. Finish off with a group picture next to the tree with ‘Deck the Halls’ delightfully playing in the background.

A gift exchange party is a fun way to celebrate the holidays without the stress and expense of finding a perfect gift for every family member and friend. There are many variations on how a gift exchange is conducted, but the general idea is to have each attendee bring a wrapped gift, the gifts are exchanged at the party, and everyone ends up with a gift from someone else. The fun comes from adding your own twist to this basic idea. For example, you can set a limit on how much each gift can cost or restrict what the gifts can be. If you want an ornament gift exchange, you can request that the guests bring only Christmas ornaments. There’s no need to confine the theme to material things. You can exchange holiday recipes, desserts, cookies, or even drinks. How the gifts are exchanged is also entirely up to you. You can randomly pick names out of a hat, draw cards, or roll dices to determine who gets to pick their gift. You can do a secret Santa gift exchange where names are drawn before the party to determine who gets to buy whom a gift with the rule that the names are to be kept a secret until the gifts are exchanged. For added excitement and fun, you can employ what’s called the dirty Santa or white elephant gift exchange. In this type of exchange, numbers are selected to determine the gift order. The first player selects and opens their gift. The second player can pick a wrapped gift from the pile of gifts or they can choose to be a dirty Santa and ‘steal’ the opened gift from the first player. The game continues with subsequent players having the same option and ends when everyone has a present. Whatever rule you set for your gift exchange, be sure to spell it out when you send the Christmas invites so your guests will know that to expect. Choose an invitation design with a pile of gifts to complement your gift exchange theme and then personalize it with one of our Christmas invitation wording ideas.

If you live along the coast, in a balmy region of the country, or in a tropical locale, don’t let the absence of snow or cold weather dampen your holiday spirit. Why should it when Jesus was born in Bethlehem where it didn’t snow?! Celebrate Christmas in ‘hot’ style with a Christmas beach party! If surf and sand are not close by, you can do a Christmas pool party. No pool? Try a Hawaiian themed or tropical themed holiday party. Decide on your Christmas party themes and then choose invitations to match – perhaps, one with a palm tree or sea coral. Decorate your party venue with Christmas lights and paper snowflakes. Have the guests come in their loudest Hawaiian shirt, pass out a Santa hat to each guest, dance to ‘Christmas with the Beach Boys’, serve red and green cocktails, and you’ll have an unforgettable party.

We hope you’ve enjoyed shopping at Baby Cachet, where you’ll find not only custom Christmas invitations, but also printable Christmas invitations. May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you all through the Year!