Baptism Christening Communion Invitations

Baptism, or Christening as it is sometimes called, and First Communion are festive religious occasions steeped in tradition and meaning to Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, and other Christian families. At Baby Cachet, our baptism invitations and first communion invitations are designed to convey the most important symbols of these sacred ceremonies and celebrations. [read more]

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As you shop our religious invitations, you’ll see that the holy cross is a symbol frequently utilized in our invites. The cross represents Christianity and is a reminder of the love and sacrifice of Christ. On baptism invites or communion invites, the cross can evoke images of the church service where a child receives the body and blood – bread and wine – of Jesus Christ. The cross is also meant to remind you of the baptismal ritual when the priest traces the sign of the cross on the baby’s forehead as she’s being held by her mother over the baptismal font. Because of the importance of the cross, it is no surprise that crucifixes are one of the most popular baptism gifts and first communion gifts. A symbol used on our christening invitations is the christening gown, which is often a cherished heirloom passed down throughout the family and, to some Christians, is believed to represent the Garment of Light that clothed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Since the christening gown has such traditional and family significance, it can conjure thoughts of the reception or party after the baptismal ceremony where the parents, godparents, family, and friends gather to eat, drink, and celebrate their child’s life with God. Some of our baptismal invitations also employ the symbolic white color. White, like the white christening gown, is thought to symbolize purity and innocence after the baby is cleansed, through the Sacrament of Baptism, of his original sin.

Parents who want to celebrate the birth of a child outside a church setting may want to consider ordering our less overtly religious invitations, like the pink and blue toile invitations. These invites are perfect for naming ceremonies.

As you shop and browse, feel free to use our invitations for wording suggestions, as well as baptism verses and first communion verses.