Baby Shower Invitations

One of the best baby shower ideas is to start your party planning by choosing the invitations. Why? Because the invites are the first impression your guests will have of the upcoming celebration. Yes, an invitation is uniquely designed to communicate the essential details about the shower such as the date, time, and location. However, choose the invitation wisely and you’ll also convey to the invitees whether the baby shower will be fun or formal, modern or classic, chic or cute, and elegant or adorable. As a bonus, careful consideration of the invite will yield you a beautiful keepsake that the mom-to-be and her bundle of joy can enjoy for years to come. At Baby Cachet, our high-quality paper and unique designs make it easy for you to choose the perfect invitation card. Here are a few shopping tips to get your shower invitation ideas flowing: [read more]

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Shopping tips:

1. Start with the baby’s gender. Follow the links to either boy invitations or girl invitations. If the parents-to-be have chosen to be surprised or not to reveal their baby’s gender at the shower, then shop our neutral invitations, where you’ll find non-gender specific invites in delightful unisex shades of green and yellow that will be appropriate for both boys and girls.

2. Choose a theme. Having one or two themes in mind will not only make shopping for the invitation easier, but will also make it simpler for you to buy matching baby shower party supplies, decorations, and baby shower favors as well as give you lots of inspiration for baby shower games, gift ideas, and food ideas. Need help with themes? Find out how mom will decorate the baby nursery and use that as a starting point for theme ideas. For boy, popular baby shower themes include blue colors, trucks, sports, and zoo animals. For girl, many people opt for invitations with pink colors, polka dots, princesses, butterflies, and flowers. For both boy and girl, a perennial favorite theme is Disney characters especially Mickey, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, and the Disney Princesses. If you want to celebrate the baby’s ethnicity, then take a look at our African-American shower invitations. If you’re planning to include both mom and dad for a Jack-and-Jill baby shower, then consider ordering one of our couples shower invitations.

3. Put yourself in the mother’s shoes. The adorable invitation that you pick should complement and reflect the expecting mommy’s sense of style. If she’s conservative, stay away from the ultra-stylish invitations. Likewise, if she’s hip and cool, then skip the invites that are overtly traditional. If she has a flare for the unique and creative, consider our embellished invitations which are adorned with ribbons, glitter, beads, and so much more.

4. Shop with the guest list in mind. Consider the predominant age and taste of your guests and imagine how they might receive the invitation you want to purchase. An invite that is too overwhelming may turn off some older friends and family and make them feel unwelcomed.

5. Decide between printable vs. personalized invitations. With printable invitations, the design is preprinted onto blank cards without any personalized text. You save money because you’ll print the wording yourself using your personal printer. Don’t mistake these printable blank cards for cheap invitations. They are designer invitations professionally printed on high-quality paper. With personalized invites, everything is done for you including the custom printing. When you buy personalized invites, Baby Cachet will also perform any required card assembly for you, free of charge! No other leading stationery store offer free card assembly.

6. Pair the invitation with an appropriate verse. Try to craft a saying that plays off of the designs or theme of the invite. Not sure what to write or how to word the invitation? Explore our free baby shower invitation wording ideas, where we share clever, cute, and funny poems and verses.

Follow these steps and you’re sure to find a baby invitation that both you and the guest of honor will love! Take your time, browse our website, and enjoy your online shopping experience at Baby Cachet.