Software for Printing Announcements and Invitations

There are a number of software that you can use to print your Baby Cachet printable invites and cards at home. They range from professional graphic design applications to desktop publishing software to specialty stationery programs as well as the ubiquitous word processors.

For commercial-quality typesetting there are high-end applications used by designers. These include Adobe PageMaker, Corel Ventura, QuarkXpress, and Serif PagePlus. These applications are highly versatile and will allow you to compose and manipulate text and graphics like the professionals. However, they are relatively expensive and require a significant level of training and expertise to use. Unless you have a number of home printing projects planned, an investment in one of these applications may not be worthwhile.

You can also use home desktop publishing software such as Microsoft Office Publisher, PrintMaster, and The Print Shop. These consumer-level programs are meant for less sophisticated print publishing and can be used to layout invitations since many of them come with a sizable selection of fonts and graphics. Beyond Microsoft Office Publisher, these desktop publishing programs have a reputation for being short-lived, frequently changing names, features as well as owning companies who provide the technical support.

Then there are specialty programs designed specifically for greeting cards or wedding invitations. The best known titles are Greeting Card Factory, American Greetings Create-A-Card, Hallmark Card Studio, PrintingPress, and The Complete Wedding Publisher. Although they are developed for greeting cards or wedding invitations, you can use them for other social stationery such as baby shower invitations and birth announcements. These programs usually have a collection of clipart, photos, and fonts as well as useful tools for importing and editing photos and images. However, these specialty programs, too, are known to frequently change names and focus, so continuity of technical support might be a concern.

A favorite among parents are the readily accessible word processing software such as Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect. If you want to layout mainly text and simple graphics onto a pre-designed blank cards, then a word processor should suffice. Word and WordPerfect are packaged with a good selection of fonts and also have templates for printing envelopes and labels. We’ve included a guide on how to print your invitations and announcements using Microsoft Word.

Whichever software you choose for your home printing project, be sure that it is compatible with your operating system. Many software are only available for PC and not Mac users.

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