Pros Cons of Printing Your Own

Baby Cachet offers full-service custom printing of announcements and invitations for all baby occasions. We also offer the option of purchasing the same pre-designed announcements and invitations in blank format and printing your personalized information on your home printer. So, should you print it yourself or have us do the printing for you? Ultimately, that’s a personal decision that depends on a number of factors. There are definite advantages – and disadvantages – to printing your own baby stationery.

The most obvious advantage to printing it yourself is cost. Orders with custom printing or personalization involve a significant amount of time and resources from our production and design staff. Beyond printing the cards, there are a number of additional activities that must be done such as hand typesetting, manipulating and enhancing photos, integrating custom design elements, generating proofs, making revisions, and communicating with the customer. You can avoid the cost of custom printing if you are willing to invest some of your time and effort and print it yourself.

For those who enjoy papercrafts, printing at home allows complete freedom to personalize and accessorize the baby announcement or invitation to the nth degree. Baby Cachet’s custom printing service affords a considerable amount of flexibility to add your personal style and touches such as your choice of wording, layout, font style, font color, font size, and photos. When this is not enough, printing it yourself is a logical option. For example, if you like the preprinted design of one of our invites but it’s missing that “must have” ribbon in your exact shade of tea green, then you can purchase the blank invitation and attach your own ribbon or any other embellishments. Likewise, if you want to personalize each invitation by printing a personal note to each recipient, then you’re free to do so when you do your own printing.

And, of course, if you print it yourself you have the pride and privilege of saying you did it yourself.

What are some of the reasons you might choose to have Baby Cachet do the printing?

First, it’s convenient and saves time. Many new (and veteran) parents are extremely busy and are relieved to have someone else take care of the details involved in printing. Printing yourself can be time consuming if you’re not prepared. There’s planning and research involved in printing on your own, and unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong in the process. When Baby Cachet does the printing, all you have to do is select a design, tells us how you want it worded, and leave the rest to our staff.

Baby Cachet delivers professional print quality every time. You don’t have to tinker around with your printer settings or settle for not-so-perfect results. Most importantly, there’s no worrying about having to do the job over – and spending twice the cost – should something go awry. At Baby Cachet, every personalized invitation is checked for consistency and quality as well as accuracy against your proof.

You’ll also have the peace of mind that your custom invitations will undoubtedly look professional, sharp, and polished. Our professional designers are great at making things look good. Every card is meticulously hand typeset to get the spacing and placement just right. Font size and color are carefully adjusted to fit effortlessly onto the card while accommodating your every word. Snapshots are individually retouched and harmoniously blended into the design of the card. The final product will definitely reflect the work of skilled professionals.

So take a moment and consider whether or not printing your cards at home is right for you. There’s really no right or wrong answer, simply what’s most comfortable for you. Whatever you decide, Baby Cachet wants to help you share your joy and make your special occasion memorable. Good luck and have fun!

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