Pregnancy Guide

Below are useful information on planning your pregnancy:

1. Pregnancy Announcements: What Not to Do

We know there are certain protocols to follow and faux pas to avoid when, for instance, inviting guests to a baby shower or announcing the birth of a baby. We also need to be mindful of a few rules of etiquette when making pregnancy announcements. »read it here

2. When a couple becomes a family: A Pregnancy Announcement Guide

You’re having a baby! Whether planned or an unexpected blessing, a pregnancy is the beginning of a new journey in your life. You are building your family one person at a time, and it’s a time of joy and hope. Many expectant moms struggle with how to share their news with their families. »read it here

3. 10 Fun Things to Celebrate Your Pregnancy

No matter what stage of pregnancy you are in, you have probably spent some time wondering how you can capture this special time in your life. Celebrate your pregnancy today by doing something special to commemorate this time in your life. »read it here

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