Partyware Handbook

Partyware Handbook: Assembly Instructions and Decorating Tips for Baby Shower Partyware

» How to String Your Party Banners
» How to Set Up Your Cakepop Kits
» How to Set Up & Use Your Cupcake Wraps
» How to Set Up Your Flag Straws
» Suggested Uses for Your Pattern Sheets
» How to Set Up Your Treat Boxes
» Suggested Uses for Your Treat Tags

How to String Your Party Banners
1: Prepare Your Banner for Stringing

TIP: Be sure to stack your letters from first to last before stringing them to make stringing simple & mistake-free. (Example at right is for a banner that will say HAPPY BIRTHDAY).

2: Slide First Letter Into Position

TIP: It is helpful to support corners of triangles with your fingers when pulling ribbon through so as not to dent or bend corners.

TIP: It is helpful to estimate how much space the word will require and slide last letter as far down the ribbon as needed before adding next letter.

TIP: Be sure to leave at least 12″ of ribbon past last letter for decorative ending.

3: Slide Remaining Letters In Place

TIP: Be sure to leave at least 1/2″ between letters so banner can drape easily.

TIP: Once all letters have been strung, check that your spacing is even and that you have an even amount of ribbon left at either end. Readjust or trim as needed.

TIP: We suggest cutting ribbon on 45 degree angle to avoid fraying.

4: Hang Banner and CELEBRATE!

TIP: We suggest hanging with clear thumbtacks through holes at outsides of first and last letters or clear tape near outside corners of banner.

How to Set Up Your Cakepop Kits
1: Peel off one side of tapestrip liner and press onto end of cakepop stand then peel off other side of lining TIP: It may help to press tape strip against paper stand before peeling off second side of lining.

2: Pinch ends together to make a circle TIP: Stands are adjustable for various sized cakepops so it may help to test one out on your cakepops first to get the size right.

3: Place cakepop on stand & add a tape strip to side of stick TIP: It shouldn’t matter where you apply the tape…you just want it to hold on to the striped stem.

4: Slide striped stem down over stick TIP: It may help to pinch the stem a tiny bit to adhere to tape.

5: Insert feather in tip & enjoy!

How to Set Up & Use Your Cupcake Wraps
To set up wraps, Simply Tuck Tab A into Slot B
TIP: Tabs are meant to fit snugly, so if you encounter any resistance inserting tab, it may be helpful to insert top edge of tab first and then pull up ever so slightly before inserting bottom edge.

Tip for Inserting Cupcakes into Wraps
To avoid leaving fingerprints and other imperfections in your gorgeous cupcake icing, simply use this easy trick!

Turn a small cup or glass upside down on counter top.
Slide Cupcake Wrap over cup as shown below.
Carefully place Cupcake on top of cup.
Slide Wrap up from bottom and use it to lift Cupcake.
Place Perfectly Wrapped Cupcake on serving tray!

Try mixing & matching Cupcake Wraps with assorted patterns for maximum visual impact!

How to Set Up Your Flag Straws
TIP: Don’t stick label to straw yet…match tips up first.

2: Press tips together & slide flag to desired spot on straw Don’t stick label to straw yet, just press and hold tips.

3: pull flag tight against straw & pinch closed from tips to base

DELICIOUS DISPLAY TIP: Try lining glasses up with Straw Flags pointing in the same direction for maximum visual impact.

Suggested Uses for Your Pattern Sheets
The following suggestions are just a few of the many uses you will think up for your Pattern Sheets. What other clever ideas can you come up with? Let your creativity be your guide!

Simply roll paper sheets into a cone shape and secure with tape on inside and tape circle on outside. TIP: For 32 mini-cones, cut paper in quarters first then roll & tape as in above.

Measure your serving platters and trays and cut paper to fit to give your treats maximum visual impact. Try using liners under our patterned cakepop kits, cupcake wraps, treat boxes or trays of beverages with our flagstraws. TIP: Contrasting patterns and mixed pattern scales often look even better than matching ones!

Wrap favors and small gifts in our Pattern Sheets and add our Treat Tags for that perfect finishing touch!

Prepare a tray of delicious crustless sandwiches or oversized cookies and then wrap them in our Pattern Sheets to make each a visual treat as well as a culinary one. You can even add ribbon for that extra dash of glamor! TIP: Don’t be afraid to mix and match – sheets are designed to coordinate with our Partyware Suites so you just can’t go wrong!

How to Set Up Your Treat Boxes
1: Gently Pre-Fold Box Along Dotted Lines
TIP: Be sure not to overfold or crease folds too hard to avoid cracking paper.

2: Glue Gray Areas Together with Tab on Inside
TIP: We suggest using one strip of the enclosed double sided tape. Simply peel off one side of liner, press in place, then peel off other side of liner.

3: Fold in Flap A, B1 & B2, then tuck flap c into a
TIP: You may need to press down from inside of box to ensure flat bottom.

Suggested Uses for Your Treat Tags
For maximum visual impact, try combining tags of various sizes in both vertical and horizontal orientations. For extra credit, try combining some of the following applications:

Hang Tags (A)
Punch a small hole in the center top of tag then thread a ribbon through & tie it around the top of candy jar/gift. TIP: For larger or horizontal tags, you may prefer to use two holes & thread ribbon back through second hole.

Ribbon Band Signs (B)
Cut a vertical slit in either side of tag that is the same length as the width of your ribbon & slide ribbon through as shown. Use 2nd piece of ribbon for other side, then wrap around item to be decorated & tie bow in back. TIP: It may be helpful to cut ribbon on a diagonal before trying to insert through slit and then thread point-first.

Pick Toppers (C)
To attach Tag/Sign to pick either use a small piece of clear tape on the back, or, if both sides of pick will show, tape two tags together with stick in the middle using tape circles, double-sided tape or glue dots.

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