Birth Announcement Guide

1. Birth Announcements: Why Blue For Boys, Pink For Girls?
Which one is for you? We are barraged by pink for girls and blue for boys from the moment we are born, but why do we focus on these specific colors for baby girls and baby boys? … read more

2. Baby Birthstones
Hope. Excitement. Wonder. When babies are born or adopted, we marvel at what will become of this new person. Some people seek astrology, genetics, birth months, and so forth to better understand their child. While others might look to the gems of the month of which the child is born … read more

3. Ten Popular Ways to Announce the Birth of Your Baby
Congratulations! Your baby is finally here. How should you announce the birth of your child? With fireworks? Blaring trumpets? Here are a few ideas … read more

4. Birth Announcement Etiquette
Having waited nine months, many parents are eager to share the news and usually send off their birth announcements soon after the baby is born. If sleep deprivation prevents you from immediately sending out the birth announcements, it is perfectly acceptable to send them as late as six months after baby’s arrival … read more