Baby Shower Guide

Here are some useful information for planning your baby shower.

1. Great Ideas and Themes for Couples Baby Shower
Baby showers that involve both men and women are less about the feminine touches and more about creating a party that everyone can enjoy. If you are planning a couple’s shower, try a few of these ideas and themes that are sure to make your party a hit. » see more

2. FAQ: How to Request Diapers for a Baby Shower
Diapers, whether cloth or disposable, are one of the essential baby items that every mom needs. A frequent question asked by friends and family hosting the baby shower is what’s a good way to request diapers for the mother-to-be without sounding tacky? » see more

3. 10 Great Food Ideas for a Baby Shower
Because a baby shower marks such an important moment in life, you want to make sure that the details are perfect. The single most important part of a baby shower, besides remembering to send out the invitations, is the food! » see more

4. 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Baby Shower
How do you avoid classic shower planning mistakes? By brushing up on what NOT to do, before your guests arrive. » see more

5. Popular Baby Shower Themes
There is no better reason to host a party than to celebrate the impending birth or the happy delivery of a new baby, and picking a theme is just part of the fun. » see more

6. Ten Great Baby Shower Favors
Thanking your guests for coming with original baby shower favors is becoming the norm as well, and there is no limit to the creative and unique favors available. » see more

7. Baby Shower Gift Ideas
You’ve received an invitation for a baby shower, but though you’ve known the mom-to-be for quite a while you have no idea what kind of gift to get. While you would love to get mom something she really needs, there was no registry information in the baby shower invites, leaving you to navigate mountains of baby merchandise. » see more

8. How to Plan a Baby Shower
Well, it’s that time again for another party, but a baby shower may be a little different from the other parties that you have planned or have attended. We have provided this quick and nifty guide to planning your next baby shower and making it a hit even if it’s your first time! » see more

9. Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette
Planning a baby shower, especially if it is a first-time attempt, can be an unsettling experience. Let Baby Cachet show you how to kick off your next baby shower and make it a success. » see more

10. Baby Shower Games
Looking for ideas for games to play at a baby shower? Well, look no more! » see more

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