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Ten Popular Ways to Announce the Birth of Your Baby - Part 1

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Congratulations! Your baby is finally here. How should you announce the birth of your child? With fireworks? Blaring trumpets? Here are a few ideas:

#1 Printed Birth Announcements

Put it in writing

Most new parents follow the time-honored tradition of mailing printed announcements. Run-of-the-mill baby announcement cards are available in the greeting card aisle at your neighborhood store, but the selection is often limited. For more choices you can visit a local stationery store or, in the comfort of your own home, browse the wonderful online collection of unique cards offered by Baby Cachet.

Printed announcements come as fill-in, blank, or custom printed cards. As the name implies, fill-in announcements are conveniently pre-printed with blank lines labeled “Birth Date”, “Time”, “Weight”, and “Length” allowing you to simply fill in the blanks. If you wish to mail only a few announcements, then fill-in cards can provide a simple and quick means of sharing your baby news.

Blank birth announcements are a great alternative for enterprising parents who enjoy printing their own cards. Blank announcements are actually not completely blank, but are pre-printed with a design, usually around the border of the card. The center of the card provides enough space to print your personalized text. Blank announcements are also known as printable baby announcements because they can be printed on using a desktop printer. Amazingly, all the cards – from handmade to highly embellished cards - at Baby Cachet are printable and compatible with most laser and/or inkjet printers.

A favorite among busy parents are custom printed announcements. With custom announcements, all you have to do is select your card, specify your wording, and leave the printing to the professionals. You can personalize the look of your card with your choice of fonts, ink colors, and layouts. As a part of our custom printing service, Baby Cachet will also design and incorporate – free of charge - digital photos of your baby into the printed announcement card.

#2 Photo Birth Announcements

A picture is worth a thousand words

Everyone loves to see those adorable baby photos. Maybe that’s why more and more parents are choosing to send birth photo cards. These photo cards are not made of card stock, but are actual photographs. To create a photo card, you’ll need a digital photo downloaded directly from a digital camera or scanned in from a printed photograph. Custom text and graphics are artistically blended into your original digital photo. The transformed image is then printed on photographic paper to create a beautifully personalized photo announcement.

Because every parent wants to see their baby’s photo on the cover of a baby magazine, Baby Cachet offers photo cards that are designed to look like magazine covers. A variety of cute titles are available, but the designs are extremely flexible allowing you to change the look and title to match your unique situation. You can choose to announce your baby’s information within cleverly worded headlines or just simply state the facts. The magazine cover photo cards come in 4”x6” and 5”x7” sizes with matching colored European-style envelopes. Larger 8”x10” photo cards, appropriate for framing, are also available.

#3 e-Cards

You’ve got mail

For busy parents email provides an instant way to announce the birth of a newborn. We’re not talking about a simple text message, but a personalized e-Card professionally designed for the momentous occasion. Similar to photo cards, e-Cards begin with a digital photo of the baby and are beautifully customized with unique text and graphics. In fact, any of Baby Cachet’s printed photo cards can be ordered as an e-Card. With our photo e-Cards you don’t need to dig up mailing addresses or address any envelopes. Simply attach them to an email and share the news with all your family and friends, instantly, without any stamps.

#4 Personal Baby Websites

Claim a domain

A powerful and unique way to announce your baby’s arrival is by creating a personal website in honor of your baby. With a personal baby website, the amount of information and joy you are able to share is only limited by the number of pages you have on the website. You can begin with a homepage that splendidly announces the birth of your baby with the baby’s photo and vital statistics as the centerpiece. Then add a photo gallery to share those cute snapshots of the baby. Maybe you want to document the baby’s development with an online growth chart. Or, how about a journal or blog detailing your daily baby thoughts and discoveries. You can choose to share your website with the world or limit who can view it by protecting it with a password, which you can selectively give to just family and friends. With a personal website, you also have the option of choosing your own unique URL or domain name. Imagine the reaction that you’ll get when you direct your family and friends to www.yourbabysname.com.

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