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Ten Great Baby Shower Favors

Whether it is your first baby or your fourth, you will look with great anticipation to your baby shower. Although in past years it had been the norm to not hold a shower for an expectant mom who was having her second or third baby, happily this is no longer the trend. As some hold showers after the baby is born, the events are a chance to get to know the new baby in the family and celebrate the safe arrival of their newest family member. Moms-to-be no longer have to wait to see who is going to host their shower either, as they are filling out the baby shower invitations themselves and hosting their own joyful event. Thanking your guests for coming with original baby shower favors is becoming the norm as well, and there is no limit to the creative and unique favors available.

baby shower food

1. Cookies

Cookies are a delicious way to say 'Thanks for coming', but if you want to add a touch of personality, give your guests a personalized bag of cookie mix. Have tiny bags made up with the details of your baby shower, and fill the bag with premade cookie mix. If you are someone who loves to bake, you can include your own mix and a cherished family recipe.

2. Candles

Who doesn't love candles? Many of us have candles that hold special memories, such as the Unity candle from our wedding or a Baptism candle. Baby shower candles can come in pink or blue, and if the baby has already been born, can have baby's name and birth date on them.

3. Treats

Sweet treats are always a welcome favor, and there are many trendy candies to choose from. Lollipops in the shape of baby feet are popular, as are tiny baby bottle hard candies. Wrap the lollipops in ribbon and place them in a terracotta pot. As your guests leave your home, they can each grab a lollipop to take with them.

4. Photo

A simple photo of the baby is always welcome, but why not show off your little one on a flashy birth cards that you can send home with your guests. Magazine cover announcements are a great way to announce your beautiful baby to the world.

5. Seeds

Some favors are sent prior to the party along with the invitation to the baby shower. A package of wildflower seeds with a simple request to plant them in honor of your new baby is always well received, and whenever your guests look at the flowers they will be reminded of your family.

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6. Pampering Kits

What woman doesn't need a little pampering these days? A manicure or pedicure set complete with nail polish is a great baby shower favor. Not only useful as a thank you present, these kits would also be great as a prize for one of the fun games often played at showers.

7. Kitchen Items

Kitchen items are popular items as gifts for any occasion. A silver egg timer, cake server, or tiny cheese grater are great favors. Any parent knows that these are items that can be used time and again.

8. Teas or Coffee

Send your guests home with the gift that they can enjoy each morning. Not only are packaged hot drinks such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate a great way to say thank you, they are a necessity for most people each day. Experiment by giving out special flavored teas or share your favorite coffee flavor.

9. Photo Frames

Photo frames are a cherished gift for many, and what could be better than popping a photo of your family in the frame and handing it out as a favor. As there are many types of frames to choose from, stick with something that is simple and stylish. Keep a frame for yourself to display your baby shower invites as well. Displayed invitations are a pretty keepsake for a baby's room.

10. Engraved Boxes

Engraved, tiny boxes are a classic baby shower favor that are the choice of many a new mom. Fill them with custom made M&M's with your family name on them, or mini-chocolates in pink or blue. Create a custom box by ordering it with your own special touch such as the family initials or a special image that you cherish. You can have a photo of your family placed directly on the box or add your family name to the ribbon that encircles it.

Baby showers are more than just a party; it's a special time to celebrate the creation of a new life in the world. From the moment you send out your invitations, you will be thrilled by the prospect of sharing your new child with your family and friends. Baby shower favors are a great way to thank your loved ones for sharing in the wonder of your new baby.

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