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FAQ: How to Request Diapers for a Baby Shower

baby shower diapers Diapers, whether cloth or disposable, are one of the essential baby items that every mom needs. Did you know that babies need to have their diapers changed five or more times each day? An average child will go through several thousand diapers in her lifetime. So diapers are always a welcomed gift at any baby shower.

A frequent question asked by friends and family hosting the shower is what's a good way to request diapers on the baby shower invitations for the mother-to-be without sounding tacky? An obvious way is to simply add diapers to the baby registry. Another, more fun way is to announce that there will be a raffle at the shower and the price of admission is a package of diapers. Yet another way is to let the guests know that there will be a diaper wishing well at the shower. Whatever way you choose to help mommy stock up on diapers, be sure to include a few select words in small text at the bottom of the invitation to communicate your request. Here are a few wording ideas:

"Bringing a bag of diapers, any brand or size
will enter you into a drawing for a most fabulous prize"

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"Bring a package of diapers to play Diaper Door Prizes"

"Diaper Wishing Well"

"A box of diapers for the little one would really help mommy to be, so please bring a box of any size-- you could win a really great prize!"

"Bring a package of diapers for a raffle - all sizes welcomed!"

"Bring a package of diapers and be entered in a raffle."

"Please join us to celebrate before Baby is due Diapers and dresses will do!"

"If bringing gifts, giftcards, diapers & wipes are most appreciative."

"Please bring a package of any sized diapers to enter into a special raffle"

"Raffle: Bring diapers and/or baby wipes & receive chances to win a prize! The more you bring the more chances you get!"

"Bring a pack of diapers (any size) or wipes to be entered into a raffle for a prize."

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