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10 Great Food Ideas for a Baby Shower

baby shower food Baby showers are one of the few parties you plan in life that come wrapped in a heightened state of expectation. Either you are anxiously waiting for the birth of the newest member of your family or you are excited about the possibility of meeting the baby for the first time. Because a baby shower marks such an important moment in life, you want to make sure that the details are perfect. The single most important part of a baby shower, besides remembering to send out the invitations, is the food! If you are struggling for ideas for appetizers, main courses, or cake for your upcoming shower, here are ten great food ideas that you can use for inspiration.

C is for Cookie

When you are considering your menu for the shower, be sure to include items that might relate to your overall theme. For example, if your theme is A,B,C’s, you might want to make an alphabet block cake, complete with the letters stenciled onto the blocks. You could also use alphabet cookie cutters and cut out individual sandwiches from larger pieces of bread.

Mouthwatering Fruit

Fruit is something that everyone should have at a baby shower. Fruit is easy to put out as a finger food, and has the added bonus of being low calorie and delicious. Add some visual interest to your fruit display by making a watermelon baby stroller. Using your watermelon as the base, draw the outline of a pram type of stroller. Cut and scoop out the insides of the watermelon, giving yourself room for other fruit. You can carve a handle out of the skin, and fill the bowl with cut up fruit. Add some orange slices for wheels, and you have a cut and delicious centerpiece.

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Boy Girl Sandwiches

Colored bread sandwiches are a nice way to bring pink or blue onto your table. If baking your own bread, add several drops of red or blue dye when the mixing process is taking place. Alternately, you can purchase colored bread from your local grocery store. Any sandwich looks prettier on colored bread.

Hot Appetizers

Mini-appetizers are always a hit, and even more popular if they are served hot. You can purchase chicken wings, jalapeno poppers, bagel bites, and other nibbles from your local grocery store. Serve them right out of the oven, and garnish with pink or blue sour cream.

Crock-pot Casserole

If you want to share a main dish with your guests, try a casserole. There are many varieties of casserole’s that are hearty and delicious, including a few that you can put together in a crock-pot. Place the crock-pot on your main serving table and allow the guests to help themselves.

Yummy Scones

The best goodies at a baby shower are the baked treats. There are so many different kinds of yummy treats that you can put together for your guests. For a baby girl shower, strawberry scones are a great addition to your table. Add some cream and strawberries, and your scones will be very popular!

Muffin Man

Muffins and cookies are a must-have at baby showers. You can find an endless variety of muffin recipes on the Internet. You can add a bit of pink or blue tint to the muffin batter as well. Strawberry muffins are a great addition to a baby girl shower, and blue berry muffins are popular at baby boy showers.

Cupcake Cuties

Cupcakes can take the place of a full cake, and are easier to dish out to guests. Bake cupcakes in paper cups and ice with a swirl. When complete, add a touch of pink or blue by spraying them with color. You can buy icing in a spray can at your local craft store. Get that extra touch of flair by adding tiny plastic pacifiers or baby booties to each cupcake.

Creative Cakes

If you have decided on a large cake as part of your food plan, be sure to find one that is fitting for a baby shower. You can buy cake molds that allow you to create a large rattle or a baby bassinet. Tiered cakes covered with fondant make a great template for creative decorating. Add a tiny pregnant mama to the top and you have a baby shower cake that is fit for a prince or princess.

Ice Cream Floats

Ice cream floats are a delicious addition to your shower. Ginger ale can be colored with food coloring to create pink or blue soda, and you can add pink or blue sherbet to create floats.

Planning a baby shower can be an exercise in creativity. Don’t forget to be as creative about your menu as you are about the rest of the party. Be sure to balance your menu so that there are enough hearty food items to balance out the platters of sweet treats. A well thought out menu will ensure that both yourself and your guests have a great time at your next baby shower.

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